Studies Underscore Day Care Center Benefits

If you are looking for a day care center in Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, South Miami, or Pinecrest, Florida, you are about to make the ideal connection. The teachers here at the Margaux School at Temple Judea go the extra mile to provide a top quality early childhood education for our students. To us, it is much more than an exercise in babysitting, even for our youngest children.

day care center Coconut GroveThere have been many studies conducted that come to the same conclusions with regard to the usefulness of day care centers: when they are properly run, children can reap extraordinary rewards. Let’s look at some of the benefits of day care centers for young children.

Developing a Routine

Throughout our lives, we have to work within structured environments at school and in the workplace. Even recreational activities like sports, music, and other endeavors require the adherence to a particular schedule. When children go to our day care center, they arrive and leave at certain times, and activities are planned during regular intervals. As a result, they are well-prepared for the structure that they will work within when they enter elementary school.

Academic Fast Track

The United States National Institute of Health conducted a study a while back that reached some very interesting conclusions. They used a rather large sample size of well over 1200 students. Nine out of 10 youngsters that received high-quality day care before they were four years old scored higher academically and cognitively than students that did not have this experience.

Peer Interaction

Obviously, parents love their children, and they try to have fun with them and teach them things when they are spending time together. And interactions between peers are going to be much different than parent-child relationships. When children spend time with their peers in our day care center, they learn very valuable lessons about problem-solving, sharing, and cooperation. And of course, they get to play with and learn with children their own age and start to develop friendships

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As you can see, time spent in a day care center can be quite beneficial. If you have any questions about our Coral Gables day care center, we would be more than glad to answer them. If you are in South Miami, Coconut Grove, or Pinecrest, our day care center is within easy reach. You can speak with one of our administrators by phone right now if you give us a call at 305-667-9470.