5 Reasons Two-Year-Old’s Should Go to the Best Preschool in Coral Gables, South Miami, Coconut Grove, Pinecrest, FL and Surrounding Areas

We know parents wonder when is the best time to start their little ones in preschool. Some think maybe 3 or 4, but studies have shown that kids as young as two can benefit from preschool, even if the time spent is just a few hours a day. Here is why we feel two-year-old’s would benefit from what many South Miami families think is the best preschool in Coral Gables, South Miami, Coconut Grove, Pinecrest, FL and surrounding areas.

  1. New words and stories. We know you do your best to read to your little ones, but what if they could be introduced to even more? After all, they benefit from hearing different words and being introduced to new sounds. For example, think of the difference between “puzzles” and “peaches.” Learning the context of many different words and the different sounds will help their little minds develop speech patterns.
  2. Pretend play. Imagine how exciting it must be to play with a whole new set of toys! And, we see them making their own games or mimicking the behavior they see at the doctors or you at home, such as cooking. This is excellent motivation for them to use their imagination and get their minds working.
  3. Numbers and counting. It might be hard to get your little ones to “learn” at home. After all, they get distracted, and they probably act differently toward their parents than for their teachers. But at preschool, they benefit from the group behavior of seeing their peers and the best preschool teachers in the area.
  4. Manners and respect. This is a challenging time for any toddler, including two-year-old’s. So often our teachers will interject with distraction. But your little one will start to learn that other children may want the same toy or chair, and certain behaviors, such as hitting, are not appropriate.
  5. Routines. If you are home all day with a toddler, do you take your time to get dressed or eat breakfast? That’s ok! At school, there are certain routines we follow, such as Morning Meeting, playing or reading time. This is an excellent introduction to school and group habits.

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