Margaux Early Childhood School

Our Leadership Team

Seth Lewis Levin
Director of Education
Kalish Education Chair

Beth Young is the Senior Director of Education at Temple Judea in Coral Gables, FL. She works to provide engaging educational opportunities for learners from infants to adults. A product of the Reform movement’s summer camps, Beth is committed to Jewish summer camping and serves on faculty at URJ Camp Coleman, the Reform camp serving the southeast. Beth holds a Masters in Jewish Education and a Masters in Early Childhood Education. She received the title of Reform Jewish Educator, completed the Senior Educators Cohort through the Institute for Experiential Jewish Education and is a Wexner Field Fellow, a three year fellowship for Jewish professionals. Beth currently serves on the national of the Association of Reform Jewish Educators and co-chaired the organization’s Task Force on Excellence. In 2016, Beth was recognized with their Distinguished Educator’s Award. Beth is married to Rabbi Danny Young and they have two children.

Mikki Feinberg
Early Childhood Director

Mikki Feinberg has a passion for education and Judaism. Born and raised in Coconut Grove, she grew up in a household where neither parent was Jewish, but both were teachers. She was first exposed to Judaism while attending Ransom-Everglades High school where her father was a teacher. Her closest friends were Jewish, and the values and traditions stuck. Mikki found herself in more Jewish communities at the University of Florida where she met and fell in love with a nice southern Jewish boy: her husband Lee. Still, she had no real experience with the Jewish religion other than being close to those who did practice it. That changed when, after moving back to Miami after college, Mikki took an Intro to Judaism class here at Temple Judea. Years later, she walked through the same doors looking for a preschool for her daughter Sophie. Immediately she felt a strong connection and both Sophie and her son Jake attended preschool here. Through the years, she was very involved with the preschool as a parent and felt the pullback to the classroom. She was a room mother for both Sophie and Jake, now in their early twenties, and soon found herself teaching Mommy and Me and Grandma and Me classes, as well as substituting. Not long after, she taught 2-year-olds, Pre-K, and religious school to kindergarteners, a throwback to her time teaching kindergarten before having her children. Mikki has served as served in her role as early childhood director approaching ten years. It brings her joy to guide teachers and watch your children thrive and grow.

Yuliette Gonzalez
Mentor Teacher

Yuliette Gonzalez, a mother of two young boys and an early childhood educator, is passionate about creating and supporting a safe and intentional environment that helps to create and foster learning explorations which support children in creating wonderful relationships and helps them in making meaning of the world around them. Miss Yuliette has been a part of the Margaux School at Temple Judea since 2006. As the Mentor Teacher, Miss Yuliette is energized when she works alongside her colleagues to coach and support them in making learning visible, creating learning environments that foster a love for learning, and designing intentional experiences that deepen and ignite children’s curiosity. She has a passion for illuminating teacher's love for learning! As the Jewish Resource Specialist, Miss Yuliette engages educators, children, and families with intentional and meaningful learning experiences that nurture and illuminate Judaic learning that is seamlessly woven into their daily learning adventures. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and then pursued her Master’s in Early Childhood Education and considers herself a forever learner. Miss Yuliette loves going on adventures with her young sons and navigating the world and first time moments that life offers alongside her husband, Laz. Her mom and dad are a source of inspiration and has loves to prank her siblings in the most silly ways. She loves using photography as a way to document, enjoys rewatching Ted Lasso, reading all of Mary Oliver’s poems, and learning about the world through the perspectives of children!

Get To Know Us

Our school building, the Frank Family Education Center, was unveiled in 2016 and will be a house of learning shared for generations.

The center is the perfect environment to honor our spiritual selves, celebrate learning and set the stage for a fulfilling life. Classrooms and outdoor spaces enhance children’s natural curiosity and foster exploration and discovery.

  • Classrooms are designed to support children’s natural curiosities and competencies
  • Spaces enable extended projects and explorations
  • Outdoor environments built for physical, social-emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development
  • Built with the most up to date storm code requirements.

Our Mission

  • Encourage parents’ involvement in the school
  • Assist in building a community at our school
  • Support the school with additional funding used for projects and activities that make our school environment the very best for our children

Our Teachers

Teachers are the links that connect children to the world of school and to the experiences of Jewish living. Our teachers are positive, enthusiastic, lifelong learners who always bring something new to the classroom.

They are a child’s learning guide.

Our teachers are chosen for their love and understanding of children, their ability to be joyful and their willingness to continue their own professional education. All staff undergo criminal screenings and background checks before being hired. All teachers complete state-mandated childcare training classes and are committed to furthering their education and professional development throughout their employment.

Through their guidance and loving care, you and your child will experience this exciting learning journey together.

Virtual Tour

See a short clip of our school without leaving your chair. Click to view our YouTube Channel.