Enrichment Programs

Extra Activities

AgesAvailable to students in the Playgroup, Two’s, Three’s and VPK classes

A complete list of enrichment program opportunities follows.

Mini Chefs

Playgroup & Two’s Welcome to our exciting Mini-Chef class, designed exclusively for playgroup and 2-year-old children! Through creative and age-appropriate cooking experience, our Mini-Chefs will be introduced to the basics of food preparation, fostering their love for food and cooking from an early age. Our recipes are carefully curated to ensure they are safe for young children and do not involve the use of ovens or stovetops. Instead, we’ll use ingredients and techniques that are child-friendly, encouraging kids to mix, pour, and create with their hands.

Chefs in Training

Three’s & Pre-K Cooking is a valuable life skill. Throughout the class, children will develop confidence in the kitchen, setting them up for a lifetime of culinary enjoyment. Cooking is an art, and we encourage children to explore their creativity. They’ll have the freedom to add their unique twists to recipes, making each dish truly their own. Whether your child is a budding chef or just starting their culinary journey, our Chefs in Training class promises an unforgettable experience that will ignite their passion for cooking and leave them hungry for more!

Mini Artist

Playgroup & Two’s Introducing our Mini Artist Class, a creative and colorful adventure designed exclusively for playgroup and 2-year-old children! In this imaginative and hands-on class, your little ones will explore the world of art through various age-appropriate expressions.We believe in fostering imagination, and our art projects encourage children to unleash their creativity. From freeform painting to guided craft projects, each child will create unique masterpieces.

Artist at Work

Three’s & Pre-K Welcome to “Artist at Work,” our enchanting art class! This captivating program is designed to inspire and nurture the artistic talents of our young learners. In our vibrant art studio, children become little artists, embracing creativity and self- expression in a supportive and stimulating environment. We will encourages children to express their feelings and ideas through art. Each brushstroke and every stroke of the pencil becomes a powerful means of communication and self-discovery.”Artist at Work” isn’t just about creating; it’s about appreciating art too! Children will learn to admire and respect their peers’ artistic achievements, fostering a supportive and inclusive community.

Spanish Class

Three’s & Pre-K Welcome to our “Clase de Español”! Our program offers a playful and immersive introduction to the Spanish language. Through games and interactive experiences, children will immerse themselves in Spanish in a fun and natural way. The Spanish class fosters respect and appreciation for other cultures and traditions, promoting an open and global mindset. Children learning Spanish can share it with their families, creating meaningful connections in their daily lives.

Messy Hands

Playgroup & Two’s Welcome to the exciting world of the Messy Hands class, specially designed for the little explorers of our playgroup and 2’s class! Messy Hands is a fun-filled, hands-on experience that encourages children to unleash their creativity and curiosity through messy play. In this interactive class, we celebrate the joy of getting messy with various sensory activities and art projects. From finger painting and squishy textures to exploring different materials like sand, water, and clay, your child will have the opportunity to engage in delightful, open-ended play. Our experienced instructors foster a safe and supportive environment where children can freely experiment, make a mess, and express themselves without any inhibition. Messy Hands not only enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and sensory awareness but also encourages imagination and self-expression.

Messy Hands

Three’s & Pre-K Welcome to “Messy Hands,” our delightful messy play class designed for little explorers! In this sensory-filled adventure, children will dive into a world of textures, colors, and creative chaos, embracing the joy of getting their hands dirty. Our messy play experiences engage all the senses, allowing children to feel, see, smell, and hear various materials. “Messy Hands” promises a world of excitement, laughter, and learning. Join us as we dive into a world of exploration and creativity, where the messier, the merrier!

Sports with Coach G

Three’s & Pre-K Welcome to our action-packed Sports Class with Coach G. ! Our program offers a dynamic and engaging experience where children will explore various sports and learn fundamental techniques in a fun and supportive environment. Our Sports Class is a wonderful opportunity for your child to explore different sports, learn essential techniques, and have a blast in a supportive and energetic setting. Join us as we run, kick, shoot, and score our way to a love for sports and an active lifestyle!


Three’s & Pre-K Introducing our dynamic Karate class, designed to empower and energize our students! This class offers a unique blend of physical activity, self-discipline, and personal growth. Led by experienced instructors, students will learn fundamental karate techniques, improve their coordination, and develop self- confidence in a supportive and respectful environment. Beyond the physical skills, our Karate class also emphasizes essential life skills such as focus, respect, and perseverance.


Playgroup & Twos Introducing our exciting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) class, tailored for our young learners! This engaging program will ignite curiosity and hands- on exploration as students dive into the world of STEM concepts. Through interactive experiments, creative problem- solving experiences, and collaboration, students will discover the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and math in a fun and accessible way. From building to uncovering the mysteries of the natural world, our STEM class will spark a lifelong passion for learning and innovation. Get ready to inspire young minds with the magic of STEM!


Three’s & Pre-K Welcome to our enchanting Ballet Class, specially tailored for preschool students, boys, and girls alike! In this graceful and engaging experience, children will discover the beauty of ballet while having fun and expressing themselves through movement. Our Ballet Class fosters a nurturing and supportive environment, allowing children to explore their love for dance without any pressure. Children will experience the joy of dance as they twirl, leap, and glide across the floor, immersing themselves in the magic of ballet.

Tiny Tunes

Playgroup & Two’s In Tiny Tunes, we believe that music is a universal language that can bring joy and harmony to even the tiniest of hearts. Led by our passionate music instructors, this class is designed to introduce your little ones to the enchanting world of music in a fun and engaging way. Through a series of age-appropriate activities, rhythm games, and sing-alongs, your child will discover the magic of melody, explore different musical instruments, and develop a sense of rhythm. We’ll clap, stomp, and dance to the beat, fostering their motor skills and coordination in the process.

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