A Conveniently Located Day Care Center Makes Life Manageable

If you are the parent of a young child, you live a very busy life. Parents have to balance the demands of their careers with their parenting responsibilities, and it takes careful time management to strike the right chord. It is important to identify a day care center that is ideally located so that you can economize your time optimally.

Here in the greater Miami area, there are many different communities and a lot of traffic, so it can take a long time to get from point A to point B, even if the mileage isn’t that significant. It can be challenging to find a day care center that is convenient enough to make sense for your family, and we fully understand this dynamic.

The Margaux School is located in the ideal place for people that reside in a number of different highly desirable communities. Our address is 5500 Granada Boulevard in Coral Gables, so we can be easily reached by people that are looking for a day care center near South Miami, Coconut Grove, Pinecrest, and other nearby cities. In addition to those who live near us, anyone who is traveling north or south on US1 to get to work, is likely to drive right by us!

Once you find a day care center that is located in the right place, hours of operation are another big consideration. Our program sessions start at 8:30 a.m, and they run until 2:45 p.m. However, for working families early care is available beginning at 7:30 a.m. and extended day goes all the way until 6:00 p.m. This schedule meets the needs of any parents who send their children to our day care center.

Let’s Get Started!

We are available to answer any questions that you may have about our Coral Gables preschool. You can get in touch with us by phone at 305.667.9470, and you can visit our contact page to send a message electronically.