3 Preschool Tips for Families in Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Pinecrest, & South Miami

A quality preschool like The Margaux Early Childhood School can make a huge impact on the education of young students in Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and other nearby cities. Here are three tips to help your family get the most out of your children’s preschool experience.

Tip #1: Preschool Children Can Learn Simple Concepts in Creative Ways

As your children go through their later school years, they will spend many hours reading textbooks, or looking at a chalkboard or whiteboard. As preschool students they are bubbling over with energy and wonder. They may have no interest in sitting still, but they are fantastically full of life.

Preschool in Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Pinecrest and South Miami

Rather than insist on subdued school behavior, preschool is a time to ignite that natural curiosity. Preschool children explore basic concepts in vibrant, memorable, and unusual ways.

At The Margaux School, the preschool teachers use everyday moments and creative methods to introduce their students to fundamental concepts. They might teach numbers by collecting and counting green seeds during a safari on the preschool grounds. During outdoor water play, Margaux’s preschool students can combine buckets and imagination to learn basic math, problem-solving skills, and cause-and-effect.

The preschool staff also guides students as they expand their vocabularies with songs, skits, and stories. Encourage your children to practice these melodies and bits of play-acting at home. Read to your children and actively engaging them in storybooks. Seek opportunities to introduce your child to new concepts through creative means.

Tip #2: Preschool Can Open Children Up to New Cultures

Much preschool activity is focused upon your child’s linguistic, mathematical, and cognitive development. These essential skills help your children build fundamental abilities that they’ll use throughout their schooling. But there are additional facets to preschool that can make it an even more enriching experience for your family.

Some preschools go beyond the basics to teach children about culture and to help them learn different ways of expressing themselves. With its rich Judaic heritage, The Margaux School’s preschool teaches children to embrace the treasured traditions of Passover, Chanukah, and other holy days as well as enact important values like being welcoming and kind to others.  

The Margaux School also emphasizes the acceptance of other cultures. This is why their preschool students from Pinecrest and South Miami spend time learning more about traditions from around the world.

Tip #3: Preschool Can Teach Children Many Ways to Express Themselves

While honing verbal skills is tremendously important for school and life success, self-expression is more than just learning to use words well. There are many non-verbal ways that preschool students learn to communicate, and these additional communication mediums can help children learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Students at The Margaux School’s preschool learn many different ways to express themselves…whether it’s through finger-painting the Nile River for Passover, holding an impromptu dance contest during outdoor play, singing folksongs, making sandcastles, or slinging a hula hoop during Kidokinetics class.

By encouraging your children to practice these other means of expression at home, they can develop a better understanding of their own thoughts and feelings…and bolster their own self-confidence.

For more preschool tips and information about the well-structured, nurturing preschool programs at The Margaux School, give us a call at 305-667-9470. We are proud to serve families from Coconut Grove, South Miami, Pinecrest, and our hometown of Coral Gables.