Social Skills Learned at Pre School

It’s never too early to start introducing social skills that will help your child for all education environments and for life. Learning to follow direction and transition from one activity to another are important steps for the next years of little ones’ lives. By introducing these skills early, your child will start the building blocks to successful classroom behavior and self-regulation. 

Pre School in Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, South Miami and Pinecrest

Residents of Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Pinecrest and South Miami don’t need to worry about how this social skill learning will happen. Afterall, this is an introduction to classroom and group behavior and time to adjust and grow is required. The teachers of The Margaux Early Childhood School have years of experience which equals to patience and understanding. Also, the formal education of the Margaux teachers means they know the appropriate learning stages of each age of pre school. If a child is not developing as typically defined age appropriate, they will be able to discuss corrective actions with the parents. This rarely happens though as children are guided through their social skills development. 

Here are some of the social skills your child will develop at their early learning years at The Margaux Early Childhood School.

  1. Following directions.  At early ages, children should learn the basic behavior between teacher and student. Examples can include waiting to open doors, cleaning up, etc. Margaux teachers will typically have a silly prompt for the action such as a song describing the fun activity that follows next.
  2. Interacting with other kids. If this is a child’s first time with other children, this step can frequently take longer. Taking turns, sharing with one another, and being kind to others are all part of classroom and group behavior. Don’t expect your child’s behavior to change immediately! Margaux teachers are excellent at redirection or correcting interactions in a developmentally supportive manner. And don’t be surprised when you start to hear your child using polite words unprompted.
  3. Language development. Margaux teachers know the importance of reading, talking and hearing a magnitude of different words to support language development. Reading stories and literary interactions are big parts of pre school development to expand vocabulary and develop skills to express oneself. All pre schoolers learn at their own pace and pass through predictable milestones that Margaux teachers know to look for.
  4. Independence. The first few days of preschool may be hard for children who haven’t been away from their parents or caregivers. Again, this is where experienced pre school teachers shine.  Distractions and redirection to fun activities make preschool a fun experience that your preschooler will look forward to every day.

For more information about the well-structured, nurturing preschool and daycare programs at The Margaux School, give us a call at 305-667-9470. We are proud to serve families throughout South Miami from Coconut Grove, South Miami, Pinecrest, and our hometown of Coral Gables.