Tips for Starting Day Care Dropoff

Finding the proper day care can be a challenge. Various programs, learning spaces and outdoor play areas all go into finding the one that fits your family. Once you have found the right day care, the dreaded first day drop off comes. While this might be an anxious moment for both child and parent, here are some recommendations from child development experts.

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  1. Bring a comfort from home. Toys are discouraged but a familiar blankie or stuffed animal for nap time can be comforting. You may even want to include the stuffed animal as part of starting daycare. You can suggest the stuffed animal is also starting daycare or ask your child to help the stuffed animal adjust to daycare.
  2. Create a goodbye ritual. This works for both parents and children. Parents won’t be tempted to pause at the door and children will know what to expect in saying goodbye. Examples include blowing kisses or giving a high-five.
  3. Expect a few tears. Our teachers are experts at the day care drop off. Years of experience have given a wealth of knowledge, tips and recommendations. We want your day care drop-off to go as well as you do! Don’t hesitate to ask us for suggestions. And, some tears may happen. It can take a day or more to adjust to the new schedule. It’s normal!
  4. Make the morning anxious free. Pack as much as you can and layout clothes the night before.  Adjusting to a new schedule and the morning rush will take some time. Proper preparation can give peace of mind to everyone.
  5. Limit surprises. Create an environment of comfort by letting your child know what is happening.  A tour to The Margaux Early Childhood School can easily calm both your and your child’s fears of day care. Your child’s new teacher will warmly welcome your child and introduce your child to the classroom. You can also watch some age appropriate shows such as Daniel Tiger on PBS that show the first day of pre school as a positive experience.

As stated before, we want your first day to get smoothly and comfortably for both you and your child.  We’ve been through hundreds of successful day care drop-offs with residents of Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Pinecrest and South Miami. If you have any worries or concerns, please share them so we can help the next step in your child’s education go smoothly.

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